Running Blogs I Frequent

Here I've listed some of my favorite running blogs that I really enjoy reading (besides my own of course)!  You should check them out!

Running Naked on Sharp Pointy Stuff
This one's written by a mother and barefoot runner.  I lover her writing style and how it sounds like someone talking, I think its kind of similar to my own in that way.  She's also a graphic designer by trade and has some cool t-shirt giveaways!

The Running Moron
The author, Brett, picked up running to lose weight and get healthy.  And then found out that he was crazy about it.  Brett's a chill dude and a fun read, go hit up his blog.  He also posts pretty regular, which is no small feat, believe me.

Run With Kate: Tales of a SoCal Veg Runner
Kate is always a fun read.  She describes herself as "runner. yogi. vegan. bookworm. wannabe surfer. liberal. coffee addict." in her blogger profile.  She's also really attractive, but unfortunately is married and not into guys.  Give her a visit.

Running in Suffolk
A lucky bastard who lives in Suffolk and gets to run there.  Suffolk is a beautiful county in England and this guy's blog captures that beauty through the eyes of a runner.  He is SO SO SO lucky to live there.  I have to put up with urban Seattle, WA when I run!

The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy
An attorney that runs barefoot and has an amazing sense of humor.  Need I say more?
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