Saturday, March 12, 2011

Damn, It's Been a While!

Wow, so I was just checking up on my blog and realized that I haven't posted since February.  Holy shit!  That's way too long.  I hope none of my religious readers went crazy without my awesome posts... :D

All egotistical douchebaggery aside, my life has been pretty busy as of late and I haven't been able to find much time for extra indulgences like writing.  My senior project is due this coming Tuesday and I'm not nearly as far as I'd like to be.  Calculus is picking up again, as is my Government class.  Track started a couple weeks ago, which has actually been pretty damn awesome.  It's such a chill sport, and after doing the main workout (for distance runners at least), you get to just kinda chill and do whatever - whether that means going to lift some weights, do some core, or bitch at the trainer about your leg problems.  I've actually been doing a lot of the latter as of late as some obnoxious tendinitis has sprung up right underneath my knee-caps on both legs.  It's been a pain in the ass to say the least.

So yeah, hopefully after this Tuesday I'll start having more time and motivation to get one here more often.  Also, we have our first "meet" on this coming Thursday.  I put meet in quotations as its a jamboree and doesn't really count for anything.  It's really just a big organized practice race.  I'll be sure to post a re-cap on Friday if not Thursday evening.

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