Thursday, February 10, 2011

Together is Better

Wanna be like this guy?
Let's face it - running alone is some serious poop.  It's boring, even with an iPod (FACT: the Chariots of Fire theme song does indeed get old).  There's also no one else to bounce thoughts off of besides your own cynicism.  Even if you think you're an optimistic person, believe me, you're not - the devil in you WILL surface during a long run done all by your lonesome.  So it kind of turns into a "I'm bored, what am I doing, why am I running" sort of thought process.  And then there's that horribly counterproductive urge to go faster than you really should be going.  More runs than I can count that were intended to be 5 or 6 milers turned into 3 or 4 milers when I run alone.  Especially when there's a lot of other people around (read: women)...  There's no better way to show off your dick size than by running faster than everyone else on the trail and in general coming off as an egotistical douche!
Or these guys/gals?

And then there's running with other live, sweating, conversational human beings.  A revolutionary idea, I know.  But bear with me here.  Running by yourself isn't even comparable to running with even one other individual.  Here's why:
  • You don't get tired as quickly, or at least you don't notice it.
  • There is now a social dilemma should you choose to to start walking - a good incentive as any to man (or woman) up and take the pain.
  • You can have some kick ass conversations, made all the more enjoyable by the fatigue-induced silliness inherent to distance running.  One of my running buddies always has some enjoyable conversations about film and television with me on runs together.  Lately we've been discussing my new love - Arrested Development.  Another of mine is great to talk politics with - we had a really awesome gun control debate a couple weeks ago.
  • Your friends are more fun to listen to than your iPod.  At least most of them are.
  • You don't over-pace.
The list goes on but I think I touched on the main points.  At least those important to myself.


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