Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mind Your Own Business, Please?

On Friday I went running with a few pre-season Track buds after a leg day in the weight room.  Even though my entire lower body was shot from lifting, it was a totally bitching run.  We ran at like an 8 minute mile pace for 4.5 to 5 miles or so.  Most peaceful way ever to end a stressful school week.  Seriously, running just to run and not to get faster is so unbelievably awesome, especially when you're used to running a lot faster.  But that's not the point of this post.

During the last mile, we came up this really steep hill (for those of you who live in the Seattle area, it was the Ravenna Boulevard hill that comes up from Ravenna Park, winds past Candy Cane Lane, and then comes up onto Frat Row).  At the top of the hill there is a short segment where the sidewalk is offset by several feet from the street.  I chose not to go up a set of stairs to go onto the sidewalk and instead ran on the right side of the road.

Expert illustration of the situation
While on the very far right of the street, a car pulled up to me with its window down.  Some old hag in the passenger seat told me that I shouldn't run on the road.  Running tends to cloud my judgment, especially if I've been going at it for a while.  Needless to say, I responded in a very... "colorful" manner.  Probably didn't give the best name to runners.  Oh well, she was totally out of line.  I was way to the side of the street, look at my expert Photoshop render of the situation (the setting is actually where it happened, I pulled it from Google Maps street-view).

Anyone else ever have annoying experiences with drivers while running?  Be sure to share them in the comments section!


  1. I don't trust drivers so I stay out of the road as much as possible. They are clueless! I've been called an idiot before for running in the road.

  2. Where do you run? I'm sure it depends on what part of the country you live in... I was pretty taken aback because here in the NW drivers are usually overly courteous...

  3. Oh. All the time. But, I'm asking for it since I don't wear shoes. :-)

    Mostly comments like "where are your shoes?", "Is that the new fad?" or "Why the bare feet?". One guy honked at me and gave me virtual knuckles once. That was cool. He was either a fellow barefoot runner or someone who supports the idea. That was awesome.

  4. Haha, nice. Well at least your attention from drivers isn't negative. Though I have gotten positive reactions from other runners that I run (literally, haha) into. Especially the females ;)

  5. haha i very much love your visual aid! so i just saw that you said you are in seattle. i just signed up for the rock n roll seattle marathon. it'll be my first. do you know anything about it, ya know, being from the area and all?? :) i'm trying to gather as much info as i can!

  6. I wish I could help you out with that, Ashley, but I can't. I've never heard of it - I'm not a marathon runner. I do 5k's for XC and the 1600 (mile) for Track. I just researched the venue a bit however and it looks great! If you need any other info about Seattle, I'd be glad to help though, haha.

  7. Much too often. Very annoying. They either
    1 - try to run you over.
    2 - Honk and yell catcalls.
    which if these people whistling would have actually saw me face to face, I imagine they would be quite repulsed by the site; sweat dripping everywhere, snot, blisters, sun burns, salt crystals, and belly rolls jiggling all over the place. Not a very pretty site. LoL

  8. Hahaha yeah, guys don't get it nearly as bad as you girls do from drivers (and sometimes other runners, hehe).


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