Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Love Running at Night!

Last night I was feeling good.  So I did some abs.  Because I always do abs after Track/XC practice, I always associate pain in my mid-section with running.  So I started craving a run, I'm just programmed to think that way I suppose.  Mind you it was 9:30 PM.  And about 30 degrees F outside.  But that didn't stop me!

Last night's route
I had an absolutely AMAZING run.  To the left you can see my route.  According to GoogleMaps it was about 4.7 miles.  Not too bad for a 40 minute run that had a lot of hills!  For those of you who are familiar with the area or are just in love with me enough to care (so basically everyone), you can explore my route here on Gmaps Pedometer.

The run itself was fan-fucking-tastic.  The cool air felt wonderful and was like that feeling of drinking cold lemonade on a hot day all over and inside my body.  And despite my fairly brisk pace (for a "just for shits" run, that is) I felt really good throughout.  Though the last mile and a half or so on 35th I was wheezing pretty hard and I was starting to get a little dizzy.  But I pushed through and actually sped up, because in my experience the dizziness is usually indicative of a kick-ass runner's high.  And BOY was I right!

When I got home I kicked off my Asics, ignored my parents inquisitions as to how the run went, and sprinted to my room.  Endorphin rushes only last like 10 minutes at best, you know.  I quickly put on some Chili Peppers and jumped into bed after turning off the lights.  It was awesome.  One of the best highs I've ever gotten from my body's natural opiates!  My face was tingly and I had a HUGE euphoric rush all over the top of my head.  I was also in an excellent mood the rest of the evening, as anyone I was texting afterward can tell you.  Needless to say it was amazing.

What about you guys?  Does anybody else like night runs in sub-freezing weather or am I just a freak?  Anyone else ever get such an awesome runner's high?  I'd love to hear what you have to say!


  1. Luke, man... that's what I like to call "Fiyah!!" One of my best runs (before I started barefoot running) was a nighttime, shodded run in the rain a couple Januaries back. I was running with my running group, Folsom Trail Runners, and pushed myself to my absolute limit. It was an amazing feeling! Unfortunately I had to drive home to a couple of whiny kids, which killed the "fiyah!", but that run was no less than pure magic.

  2. Haha yeah, I can see whiny children being a bit of a killjoy after a good run. On a semi-related note, I've noticed that I don't get nearly as good post-run rushes if I had a bad or frustrating run, leading me to believe that runner's highs are more mental than an actual physical thing. Like I'm not saying that endorphins don't exist, but rather they aren't some drug that just sends you reeling into euphoria. Like there's more to it, ya know?

  3. I have to say that I have never experienced a runner's high like what you're talking about. My "high" happens while on the run where I feel like I can run forever and feel like I'm not even touching the ground. There have been times where I go home feeling euphoric, but not like what you feel like! I'd like that...

  4. Jen, I totally get that as well! I got that in the run I wrote about in this post - from like miles 1 through 3 I felt like I was the king of the fuckin world! But yeah, I notice the afterwards highs are better when you A) stop abruptly and B) go fast at the end of the workout or have been just doing a speed workout.

  5. I feel the same as Jen, but then I have never tried to capitalize on it the way Luke did. I might have to try that sometime.

  6. KT80, you definitely should sometime. It's great, haha.


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