Friday, January 21, 2011

Stereotypical Portrayal of Runners (in The Office)

I had forgotten about the Office episode, Fun Run, where Michael sets up a charity 5k for rabies awareness.  Or I would have blogged about it sooner (I absolutely LOVE The Office, I've seen every single episode in order).  Anyway, the 5k was great because all of the characters took a certain runner stereotype...

Here we have the nipple chafer, Andy.  Of course The Office took it to the extremes and made his nipples bleed, despite the amount of gauze he taped on prior to running.

And then we have the guy (Michael in this case) who ate the wrong stuff and threw up his lunch at the finish line...

And you can't forget Kevin - the sweaty fat guy that everything thinks is awesome for coming out but is still a really slow runner!  (He'll get there)

It was a great episode, you guys should check it out.

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