Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pinched Nerve

Sunday morning I was in the car (luckily not driving).  My adorable dog, Lulu (we didn't name her, stop snickering) was in the back seat.  I turned around to my right to pet her, and then turned back around to face forward.  Upon turning back around, an intense spasm of pain shot through the left side of my neck, all the way down from my trapezius up to directly behind my left ear.  It was totally unexpected and evoked a slew of yelping, followed by a healthy does of expletives (despite the fact that my father was driving and seated right next to me... whoops).

My dad turned the car around to take me home and luckily we were only a little over a mile away (any change in motion and the inherently involved g-forces re-ignited the nerve pinch and sent me doubling over in pain).  When we got home, I looked a little screwed up.  When I got out of the car, I had to keep my head rotated to the right and craned downwards towards my right shoulder.  My left shoulder was hunched up towards the left side of my head.  Any movement of my left arm or head invoked a loud curse from me, so I kept as steady as possible (I have younger siblings with "sensitive" ears).  My mother, with her tendency to freak at the slightest sign of danger to her offspring (thanks a bunch natural selection, you really make my life awesome) of course immediately came to the conclusion that we had just gotten in a car accident.  So that was fun.

Because I doubt anyone actually read that looming block of text directly above, I decided to give you the "too long, didn't read" version of this post in an image below.  No, that obviously isn't a 3D rendering of a pinched nerve.  I got a legit X-Ray, and everyone knows that pain comes up as a red glowing substance when subjected to cancerous light.  Duh.
Photo Source: buzzle.com
So yeah, that's what my neck looks like.  Time to continue the story.  Skip to the next picture if you want to continue reading this post like a picture book.

So when I got home, I essentially just iced the hell out of the problem area.  About 2 hours post de facto ("after the fact" for those of you who aren't arrogant bastards like me who throw in Latin proverbs here and there), I had recovered enough that I could sit up and face forwards.  So now I could take a bunch of ibuprofen (pssh, livers are for pussies anyways) and the pain continued to recede.  Until the pills wore off that is... Good thing I had a whole bottle on hand.

Now, two days later, I still have some issues with my neck, as Peter Clinkenbeard can attest to.  He gave me no end of shit today about my posture and antics.  Not that it wasn't called for - I did look pretty ridiculous.  I walked around the whole day with my head slightly cocked to the right, kind of like the guy in the picture below (though not as exaggerated).  Also, in order to look to the left, I had to rotate my entire body towards whatever I wanted to look at.  Which Peter got many a chuckle out of witnessing.
Photo Source: reedleyeyecare.com
So yeah, anyways, hoping you found my little story enjoyable and also hoping that my neck heals up soon.  Not being able to run OR lift sucks major nut-sack so close to the Track season.  Cheers!


  1. That really sucks :( I hope it gets better soon. Just so you know, ibuprofen is actually gentle on your liver, its tylenol etc that you have to be careful of. So no need to worry about losing your liver after your neck heals :)

  2. Thanks, yeah I hope it goes away soon as well. I haven't been able to run in 5 days!!!! And haha, thanks about the liver info, I'll be sure to remember that. Well, maybe my stomach lining will just rupture then. :D


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