Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greenlake Run

Today in my lifting/conditioning class we were to run around Greenlake (on the inside path) for our semester final.  The inside (paved) loop is 2.8 miles and to get an A we had to run it in under 25 minutes.  Which wasn't a challenge at all for me obviously.  But I did the same thing last year for the final for the same class, and I wanted to see how much I had improved.  So I went all out.  Last year I got an 18:26, by the way.

Luckily we had pretty good running weather today.  It was a little nippy out, but not to the point where it hurt my lungs to take in deep gulps of air.  My only complaint is that my hands got a little numb, but that's barely even worth noting.  I also had my iPod, which I always run faster with.

As for my time... I got an 18:13.  I was a little disappointed, that's only 13 seconds off from last year's time.  Especially considering my 5k time reductions as compared to last year, I was definitely counting on getting into the 17's.  Oh well, maybe I'm being too hard on myself.  Yesterday I made the moronic mistake of using the leg press, so my quad's were burning today the whole way around.  I'm sure that affected my time - especially considering that I felt like I could have been going faster at certain points based on my heart rate and breathing, but my legs were holding me back.  Oh well, it still isn't a horrible time I suppose.

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