Monday, December 13, 2010

There's Water in My Basement!

So, my basement kind of flooded on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I would have wrote about it sooner, but my weekend was a tad stressful for this and other reasons.

So yeah, I woke up on Sunday morning at 8:00 to my dad flipping on the lights and ripping off the covers, all the while screaming at me to "get my lazy ass off the bed".  As one can imagine, my it was a less than ideal start to a Sunday.  Half of my basement was flooded.  We are at pretty low ground in Seattle, and the drain near our basement door was literally pumping out water that was seeping underneath the door.  After ripping up our new carpet, tossing the new padding, and mopping the floor, this is what my dad and I came up with:
There are a bunch of plastic bins and other oddly-shaped objects keeping the wet carpet off of the floor.  Right now there's also a fan circulating air underneath.
My dog seemed to think it was a jungle-gym...
Yes, Lulu is that dumb looking when she's doing something obnoxious.
Here's the drain at fault.  You can see a puny fountain pump combating it.
Here's the pump's output.
And here's my dad's disastrous looking solution to the lack of three-prong outlets in our basement (damn fountain pump and Christmas lights).  This is in our half-flooded basement, I might add...


  1. Glad to know you and your dad- and your doggie as well are safe. If the water reached out your electric socket, then it would be disastrous. Next time you've got to be careful and try to check the pump before going to bed.

  2. That sucks. I used to have the same experience when my toilet bowl was bringing everything back up including you know what. lol

  3. Haha, that sounds like considerably less fun!

  4. I think Lulu was thinking why there was water in the basement. Seriously, flooded basements can cause a lot of problems in your house. It could start mold and mildew formation and pose a major health risk for you and your family. Clean-up your basement immediately and pump the water out of it as fast as possible. If you are having a hard time on getting the water out, call a trusted contractor to assist you with the problem. Once the water is out, dry your basement and check the space for possible cave-ins, damage, or mold infestation. Keep everything dry and have someone to check the place for repairs.

  5. You should take care of the water leak in their basement before it causes further damage to the foundation of your home and the things you’ve stored there. You can help fix that problem with your wet basement by simply managing the roof water and surface drainage.

  6. Carlene has a point. It is indeed better to prevent the formation of molds as early as possible. You can do this by running a dehumidifier. It decreases the level of humidity in the air, and could consequently contribute to better health conditions for people living inside the house.

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  7. Households should be always aware that a small electrical device can lead to a disastrous encounter. I’m relieved that everyone is safe and it didn’t cause a lot of damage. I hope that you’ve found the best restoration experts for this.


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