Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1st Day of Track Pre-Season!

Today the Track pre-season training officially started up... for the boys, the girls team has already been going at it for 2 weeks.  Anyhow, this makes me extremely happy, as now I'm actually doing something productive after school again and don't have as much time to screw around.  After XC ended I just had waaay too much time on my hands!

For our pre-season training, we just mostly do weights (yes, EVEN the distance runners!  Amazing, I know).  It's actually a kind of comical scene - a bunch of skinny runners lifting weights.  Whatever, it emits a few chuckles, but in the end it improves our times, which is honestly all that really matters.  On Tuesday's its upper-body and legs are on Wednesday.

After lifting for an hour or so, we go for a run.  Which is awesome - let me explain why.  During the Cross Country season, one becomes completely spoiled with running with other sweating, breathing, and talking human beings.  It's an awesome privilege and is very easy to take for granted.  And then, BAM - XC ends.  Those of us who are dedicated are now forced to run on our owns.  Which sucks.  A lot.  But, you get used to it, so when Track pre-season training starts its just feels SO AMAZING to be running with friends again.

We actually got a pretty good turnout today for the boys team.  Last year, it was literally myself and two other guys for the first couple of weeks.  We had a good 10 or so guys show up today.  Less of our guys developed irremovable-vaginal-sand syndrome (IVSS for short) during the off-season, which is always a good thing.


  1. wow, seems like you are getting serious on running right? I use to run every evening but i am disappointed that i still cannot beat my own record.

  2. Yeah, I have been for awhile actually, haha! And I'm sure you'll beat it - just keep trying!

  3. That's good you have joined Track Pre-season training and you will enjoy it. I hope you will carry on later to chrism-as.

  4. That's great season for Track Pre-season training. I am sure that you will enjoy it heartily. So carry on.


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