Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Running

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Much to the excitement of most Seattlites, it is snowing!  We have a good two inches or so down right now, with more falling every second.  We got off from school early today, and hopefully we'll have tomorrow off .  If only the damn city hadn't decided to start salting, then we would definitely be off.

Anyway, as it is an incredibly beautiful winter wonderland outside, I decided that I couldn't pass up going for a run.  I knew I'd regret not going if I didn't - snow isn't super common in Seattle, though we are supposed to get metric shit-load this season.  I through on some underarmour, a light windbreaker, a pair of thin fleece pants, my dad's biking gloves, a neck warmer, a beanie, and some fuzzy wool socks.  I was concerned that I would either be too cold or too warm (never ran in the snow before), but I was actually perfect temperature-wise.

I went on the Burke Gilman on my normal 5 mile route.  It was absolutely gorgeous, what with the snow blanketing everything and the flakes coming down as I ran.  I also surprisingly had no problems with sliding/slipping/falling, despite the fact that my running shoes provide zero traction and I went up/down STEEP hills.  I did have to go pretty slow, however - the cold air just zapped my energy.  Plus I was wearing a bunch of clothing I wasn't accustomed to running in.  Even though my pacing was adequate, I still got pretty tired for the last bit.  Then again I haven't ran in about 2 weeks...

I was breathing so hard for the last half that I had to lower the neck warmer actually onto my neck, rather than over my lower face.  My lower face quickly froze up.  It just finished thawing a few minutes ago.  Anyways, it was still nice, and I'm sitting at the computer now typing this with a portable heater right next to me cranked up to the hottest/highest setting. :)

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