Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Funny Form Realization

I decided to go running after school today, despite the rain and the fact that the friend I was going to go with forgot his shoes/shorts (damnit, Seth!).  The rain wasn't too bad while I was running, but it really picked up as I was driving home.  The main annoying thing about the ...wetness... was that there were puddles.  Like, err'where.  I also ran the outside loop of Greenlake, which isn't paved and tends to get extremely muddy and "puddle-ey" when wet. 

The mud, however, made for a funny realization about my running form - something that I hadn't ever noticed despite running in wet conditions more time than I care to remember (this IS Seattle, people).  I've always known that I tend to scrape my lower/inner legs with the edges of my shoes, but I never realized that I did so significantly more on one side, as the picture below illustrates.
Mud splatters on my legs
As you can see above, there is significantly more mud splattered on my right leg than my left.  This obviously means that I scrape my leg much more with left foot than with my right.  Probably not a big deal as far as having an efficient form goes, but interesting nonetheless.


  1. I used to do that as well. I used to kick myself in the ankles mostly when I was running in shoes. There's a kid on the BRS forums who makes himself bloody by doing it even barefoot.

    You might be running with one foot landing directly over the other. Sometimes the hip adductors can cause this if they aren't strong enough so if you strengthen the adductors (inner thigh) it might help.

  2. Thanks for the info and quick reply! It's weird though, because it's higher on my legs than the ankles, so it happens earlier in my foot strike. Also, the picture might be overexerting how often it happened. It probably would only happen once every 30 seconds or so.


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