Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Use for XC/Track Spikes

So it's between the Cross Country and Track seasons.  It's winter.  It's cold outside.  There's snow and ice on the ground, and you likely have some XC and/or Track spikes that aren't getting much use.  Time to put them to some good use.  That's right, put them on and go for a walk/run or just use them to get around in general.
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You see those pointy metal spikes?  They dig into the snow and ice and keep you from slipping and breaking your arm!  Yay!  So put 'em on and get outside.  Take a walk, or better yet, a RUN!

I'd also like to give credit where credit is due.  Got the idea from Kevin Gray, a fellow XC/Track runner.  Great idea, Kevin!


  1. Hey Luke! Just saw you over at my blog. I've been reading yours and have to say its very nostalgic for me. I remember running on the XC team in high school (I actually started running with the team in junior high). What fun reading about your adventures... Keep up the running and writing and have fun with it!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it! It's cool to find people that have stuck with it out of high school and ran ever since :)

  3. Hi Luke,
    As the first commenter said, reading about running makes me feel nostalgic too! I've just blogged about my time on my High School Cross Country team - well tomorrow it will be posted, actually. I wish we had the kind of footwear in the photo back then!
    All the best!

  4. Awesome, Lori. Can't wait to read about it, keep me updated!

  5. These are some pretty wicked spikes. Hopefully they don't use anything this brutal in sports though. If somebody stepped on another person with these things they would get seriously messed up. You could even use these babies as weapons.

  6. Love Songs, they ARE used in a sport, haha! Obviously they're used for racing as I stated in the post. There's actually slang for getting cut by them among runners: "getting spiked". It isn't a fun thing to have happen to you:

  7. I have used them while walking in snow but the problem is they are not that durable.

  8. Really? What events do you run (assuming they aren't XC spikes)?


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