Saturday, November 6, 2010

7:30 AM Run

Morning runs are amazing.  For those of you urban-dwellers who haven't tried them, you really should.  There's no cars, no loud noises, just peacefulness.  It was especially awesome this morning, as it was dark out when I began.  It was also lightly sprinkling, and the air was a little misty.  PERFECT conditions for a refreshing morning run.

I ended up running down near the lake and got onto the Burke Gilman for about 3 miles.  It was about a 5 mile run overall, and I ran it in a comfortable 40 minutes.  It is sooo nice to run on that trail when its dark, it really is the closest thing you'll find to running in wilderness if you live in Wedgewood.  I also ran with my iPod, which was actually sort of new for me.  It worked wonderfully.

If you're wondering why I was awake so early, it wasn't because I woke up early to run (although I may start doing that...).  It was because I kind of had a sort-of backwards insomnia experience last night.  I went to bed at about 7:30 due to an unbearable migraine (something I get about 2 to 4 times a month), and ended up waking at 2:30 with a full bladder.  I never got back to sleep - I had already gotten about 7 hours worth.  I ended up watching Gamer (TERRIBLE movie, don't watch it) and messing around on the interwebs until I my run later in the morning.

For those of my readers that run, what do you think of early morning runs (or night runs for that matter)?  Do you enjoy them as much as myself?


  1. congratulations on your achievements and posting your efforts to inspire us all….my elliptical trainer has not only allowed me to running longer distances, I have lost 30 pounds!!!!!

  2. Umm, thanks? I'm not sure if you're misinterpreting the purpose of this blog, but I don't run to lose weight (I'm actually working on GAINING weight right now, but that's another story). But, uhh, congrats... I guess?


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