Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1 Day, BABY!

Ohhhhhhhhh, man.  1 more day until I can run again!  Cannot wait. Today I actually ended up cheating a bit - we ran a timed mile today in conditioning to update our "scores" and see if we'd improved.  I knew that I wanted to heal up a bit more, but I figured it wouldn't hurt too much to run semi-quickly a day before I should be.  I decided not to run all out because of this and because I hadn't warmed up beforehand (a recipe for disaster given how long it had been since I've gone on a real run).  I ended up helping to pace a friend of mine to get him to push a little bit, and because I run track, was able to keep him going at a certain pace to get a certain time.  He said we should aim for seven minutes, but I knew he could do better than that.  So, without telling him, I went out a little fast to see how he dealt with it (we did the first 400 in about 82/83 seconds).  He was doing okay, so I continued to push him, though I dropped the pace down quite a bit (at that pace we would have gotten a 5:30).  I helped him kick hard the last 300 or so, and it paid off.  We crossed the finish around 6:30.  His previous mile time from earlier in the semester had been a bit over 8:00 - pretty big improvement.  Props, CJ!

Me on the other-hand... well, let's just say that my teacher was a bit less than pleased when he noted that I had run a minute over my previous time.  Oh well, at least I didn't hurt myself!


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