Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time to Taper...

KingCo championships are in less than a week (Thursday the 21st) so Coach is having us taper off the hard/fast work-outs... sort of.  Yesterday we did these circuits in Cowen Park that were probably about 400 meters long, maybe a little longer.  The annoying part was the amount of height displacement (wow that sounded super lame). 

On Monday we get to do 400's on the track... yippee.  Didn't really sound like "tapering" to me, but whatever.  Note that this is coming from the guy who calls almost every hill an incline and prefers going uphill over downhill.

So yeah, not much in the world of running today, despite the fact that I probably should have gone on an easy run today.  Oh well, didn't really have time.  I pretty much airsofted all day and now I'm gonna go babysit for an old teacher of mine from middle school.  The airsofting was a lot of fun - a friend of mine from the XC team has basically combined backyards with his neighbor and turned it into an arena.  You can check out the video from last weekend below if you'd like.

It's quite a bit of fun, and despite the "tacticool"-ness of the video, we have a good, friendly group of guys.

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