Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Statistics Page

Today was a fairly uneventful practice - just a train run for a pre-race work-out (also known as the "Indian run" to assorted ignorant racists).  So instead of boring you with that, I decided to spend my allocated blogging time (like that's a real thing) to add a new page to my blog - the Stats Page.  It's button is located on the upper tab bar below the title and the page contains links to my Athletic.net profiles  - for XC and Track.  The linked profiles give a complete history of my race times.

Oh, and, our last regular season meet is tomorrow!  Expect a full recap tomorrow evening or the next (depends on how much Calc I get tomorrow).  It's at the Lower Woodland course, which is quite literally one of the hardest courses in Washington state.  It's nothing but hills and agony.  The cheerleaders may be there tomorrow, which I'm quite positive would improve people's times.  Even with their added persuasion to run a hard and sexy  race (its actually quite a challenge to do both at the same time), I'd be pretty surprised if most of our guys got within 20 seconds of their PR's (personal records, for you non-runners).

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