Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Running Poem

For my Creative Writing class in school, I wrote a poem about running the other day.  I know its kind of cheesy and a bit of a dramatization of Cross Country (especially to a runner), but hey, the teacher seemed to like it!  It still needs some editing, so this is kind of a rough version.  Here goes...

The apparent serenity of the moment is superficial.
Running through the forest to the drumbeat of hundreds of feet striking the earth.
It may be a poetic image to the bystander, but not to the participant.
They grit their teeth and push onwards, taking it one step at a time.
Just one more guy to pass, one more hill to climb, one more bend to turn.
Anticipating too much at once is a poison to one's integrity.
It is far easier to remain ignorant of whatever the future may have in store.
And now the pack is running through the crowd.
The runners subconsciously pick up the pace, as adrenaline is injected into the body.
As the crowd passes, the steady drumbeat of foot strikes again takes presidence.
The runners are again left with their own doubts and grievances,
The body screams in protest with every stride.
But no one can stop, no one can falter.
Nobody wants to be a victim to their own cynicism.
With about 800 meters to go, the pace quickens.
A bubbling excitement rises in the runners' guts.
The pack breaks the treeline.
With spirits high and the crowd's encouragement, the final sprint begins.
Only 100 meters left - so close to being done, to being able to go home and curl up in bed.
And just like that the race is over.
Its at that moment the realization that it was all worth it hits them.

I love feedback so PLEASE feel free to give it!  And I don't care in the slightest if its negative - that is actually better as it will improve my writing.


  1. Its good Luke sums up a runners feelings during a race. Why not submit it to something like Lulu poetry and get an assessment from these guys for free http://www.poetry.com/

  2. Thanks for the compliments! Cool, I'll definitely check that site out.

  3. Such a good poem, I'll have it in my back Pocket for National Poem day tomorrow. It's just what I need to get me ready for my track meet.


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