Sunday, October 3, 2010

Running Film

Today I, and several other XC (Cross Country) and Track runners, helped out a friend of ours with a film he's making.  He's apply to Chapman and is doing a film "essay" rather than a traditional college essay.  The "prompt" is the same, however - describe something that changed your life.  He also does both sports, and like myself, thoroughly enjoys them both. 

I think the general idea of the film is that its about a runner (not him, he's actually not allowed to be in the film) who is training for a track race (400 meters?) and then ends up winning the race.  Apparently yesterday he did the training parts, but I didn't start helping out until today, when we filmed the racing portion.  Filming took place at the track at our high school, which unfortunately had a bunch of soccer games going on inside of it today.

I don't want to bore you, so I won't go into any more detail right now.  Once I get a copy of the finished film, I'll be sure to link it in a post.  Hopefully it'll be pretty good.  The guy who's doing all this is really interested and film, and has been directing for several years now.

Oh and all the actors (none of us are actually actors, he chose us 'cause we're runners) go to get some donuts afterwords.  Woot!  Sunday well spent.


  1. Haha, make sure you send me the vid when you're done editing. Or link me.


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