Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Revised Poetry & KingCo Tomorrow

I edited that poem I posted yesterday.  Here's the revised version:

The apparent serenity of the moment is superficial.
Running through the forest to the drumbeat of hundreds of feet striking the earth.
A bystander may see a poetic image, but the naturalistic beauty of the moment remains unseen to the participants.
Faces contorted with vices of indifference, they push onwards, devoid of any emotional reaction to the glistening green grass on which they trod.
Impassive stares bore into the backs of the heads of those preceding.
Nothing beyond the essentials is heeded or considered,
For ignorance is the greatest weapon to combat skepticism in one's abilities.
As the harmonious cheers from the crowd enter the runners' ears and soothe contested egos, the pace grows faster.
The bolstering of morale affects the runner at a chemical level - heart rates quicken and adrenaline is injected into the body.
After the crowd passes, the rhythmic foot strides again take presidence .
Grievances and insecurities again gnaw at their collective perseverance.
But despite the odds, not one runner recedes.
Nobody wants to be witnessed a victim to their own inner-cynicism.
With about 800 meters remaining, the runners accelerate and the mind is aroused after intended seclusion.
At 100 meters to go, the runners find any untapped reserves of energy and utilize them.
After a 10 second eternity, the race is over.
Only then does the realization that there was some purpose to it all reaches them.

Once again, feedback on the poetry is very appreciated!

Also, tomorrow is KingCo 4A Championships.  Here's to a good race and a worthy end to such an amazing season!

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