Friday, October 22, 2010

KingCo Re-Cap

A random picture of one of the trails we run through...
Yesterday was the KingCo 4A Championships.  This year they were at Lincoln Park, which worked out well for the Mob, as we had had 3 regular season meets there prior to KingCo.

Let's start out with the good news first:
  • Our varsity team made it to Districts!  Great performances all around and a lot of PR's.  Can't wait to go watch them next Saturday at Whidbey Island.
  • Mr. Nick Murphy, our resident klutz, stayed upright yesterday.  No more gaping knee wounds...
  • The cheerleaders actually showed up, which was slightly surprising.
Now for the not-so-good news...  I really didn't do nearly as well as I was hoping.  I took it out waaaaaay too fast with a 1st mile split somewhere around 5:30 (oddly enough is my 1600m PR for Track!).  Mid-way through the second mile I completely died (lost my pace), and never really got back into the race.  The last half of the 2nd mile and a bit of the 3rd mile is extremely hilly at Lincoln, and when those were over, I didn't have the will-power to push hard for the last mile or so, which is really the deciding factor for having a good race on that course.  Subsequently, my time suffered quite a bit, and I finally crossed the finish with a measly 19:59.  I was hoping for low 19's, so I'm obviously pretty frustrated.  Oh well, Track season will come around eventually...

Which brings me to my last topic of intended interest - I don't know what to do with myself now that XC has ended.  I literally just have waaaay too much time after school to screw around now.  I always become such a procrastinator over the winter (not that I'm not one already).  I can't even run after school for the next couple weeks - I gotta let my body rest before mid-season training.  This is actually going to be fairly difficult - I'm going to be SUPER restless these next couple weeks.  I've even added a countdown timer to my sidebar - yeah, I'm a little obsessed.


  1. Maybe a sub 18 next time around? SO you do track then? My fastest mile was 4.38 but that was 20 years ago? lol. Love your blog here man, keep it up. And Great Job on that run. Go GO GO. One thing that you might be interested in is Very cool podcast. Check it out.

  2. Thanks, dude. Yeah, unfortunately, there isn't gonna be a next time around... I'm a senior this year. Maybe I'll do some 5k benefit runs in the future, but I'm not sure how well I'll do without real training.

    But yeah, definitely looking forward to Track. Aiming for the 5:10's on the 16. And I'll definitely check out that podcast. Thanks!

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