Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hills Suck

I did absolutely horrid in the race today.  Several people on my team who really shouldn't pass me in a race did this afternoon.  Official times aren't up on yet, but I'm pretty certain I got in the 21's.  Like 2 minutes away from where I should be.  Fuuuuck.

So, about the course.  As I said yesterday, LOTS of hills.  Those just completely murdered me.  It didn't help that the worst ones were all during the end of the second mile/beginning of the third.  But even so, there's no excuse for me doing as poorly as I did today.  When it comes down to it, I really think I just suck a lot of dick when it comes to hills.  Then again, at Lincoln Park (fairly hilly), I get consistently under 20 (except for the preview this season).  I don't know - maybe its just all mental.  Maybe I'm just more of a track runner.  One thing's certain - I did horrible today and that ain't gonna stand.  We have an invitational this weekend... time to redeem myself...

Oh, and I'll be adding a "Pictures" page pretty soon here.  Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Edit: has times up!  Didn't do as bad as I had thought - 20:59.  Still not great.

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