Tuesday, October 26, 2010

College Essay & Randomness

So, this afternoon, in spite of some recent parental nagging, I got started on my college essay.  Can you guess what I decided to write it about?  Yep, running.  What did you expect, I have a blog DEDICATED to running!  Anyways, I'd rather write in a creative fashion about running any day over a 10 page thesis driven essay.  I just did two paragraphs today (small steps... small steps), but I'm only going to share one, that being the introduction.  I'm not trying to post my entire essay or too much of it on the interwebs before I apply to college - not really trying to get blamed for plagiarizing myself or get it stolen by some ambitious applicant.

So yeah, the following is the intro.  Oh right, the prompt for the essay is to write about something that changed your life...

Removed due to the fear that I'll be cited for plagiarism.

Hopefully you like it and please give me some feedback!  I'd honestly rather see someone pick it apart than a bunch of "good job"s - but those are welcome too!

And, just because I'm not running right now, (the countdown widget says another 8 days, 23 hours... *sigh*) I thought I'd share with you what I've been up to lately.  I've gotten extremely into airsofting as a cheaper alternative to paintballing, and am about ready to buy my own gear.  Up until now I've been borrowing my friend's tommy gun, which has held its own against some decked out M4's, but I think its time to step it up a notch.  I'm craving a more accurate gun.  Here's what I'll soon be ordering from AirsoftGI.com:
Echo1 MK-36C Ver. X
King Arm's Vertical Grip

NC Star 1x45 Red Dot Scope


 Links:     MK-36c     Red Dot     Fore-grip

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