Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Intro

First let me say this - I'm no expert on running. I've only been actively involved in it for about a year now, and am nowhere near the best runner on my high school Cross Country or Track teams. That said, I'm not the worst either. Probably in the middle, maybe upper middle.

However, the point of this isn't to showcase my times or virtually enlarge my penis over the internet - its just an outlet for my experiences with running. I enjoy it a lot, and like writing. This is the result. My posts will address almost anything related to my experiences with running - some new racing flats I like, a re-cap from a race, how I felt during a particular workout, etc. So yeah, basically anything and everything. I try to entertain the reader in my writing; I'm no advocate of the conformist "5 paragraph essay" crap. I could go on and on about shit like that, but that's really for another blog. So yeah, hopefully I can humor you a little.

Oh and one other thing. Obscenities will be present at times in my posts. If this bothers you then just leave now. I'll definitely keep it tasteful, though.

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